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Thanksgiving Dessert Charcuterie Board

Thanksgiving Dessert Charcuterie Board


This Thanksgiving, wow your guests with an amazing dessert charcuterie board! As far as dessert charcuterie board ideas go, this Thanksgiving Dessert Charcuterie Board filled with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip and a variety of cookies and cakes is easy and impressive! 


  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip (or your dip of choice)
  • Pumpkin Spice Cookies
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bakery Cookies
  • Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
  • Lofthouse Cookies
  • Pumpkin Roll
  • Mini Cupcakes
  • Caramellos


  1. Make the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip (recipe HERE).
  2. Move your dip (or dips) to a small serving dish and place in the center of the board.
  3. Start filling your board with cookies and desserts that are larger first - then fill in with smaller items as you finish up the board.
  4. Use small candies, such as the Caramellos or Candy Corn to fill in any spaces.
  5. Serve and enjoy!


  • Choose a board or tray that works for the amount of desserts you'll need. A smaller cutting board or presentation tray will work for a small gathering. The entire surface of a small table or a large charcuterie board may be needed for a big party.
  • Keep it simple. A dessert charcuterie board is all about showcasing a variety of flavors and textures, so don't feel the need to go overboard with too many options. Choose a few key desserts that you know will be crowd-pleasers and focus on making them the star of the show.
  • Use a Fall Theme. Next, think outside the box and don't focus only on Thanksgiving. Consider it a fall-themed charcuterie board. Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the harvest season, so incorporate fall flavors and colors into your dessert selection. Think pumpkin spice cookies, apple pie bites, and maple-glazed pecans. These flavors will not only complement each other but will also add a cozy and festive touch to your board.
  • Presentation. When arranging your dessert charcuterie board, start with the small bowl or bowls of dips or sauces Then go with the larger items and place them strategically around the board. This will serve as your anchor points. Then, fill in the empty spaces with smaller treats of different colors and textures.
  • Have Fun. Don't be afraid to get creative. Experiment with different flavor combinations, textures, and even presentation styles. You can use themed decorations, such as miniature pumpkins or fall leaves, to enhance the festive atmosphere.
  • Keep extra sweets on hand to refill the board. During your party, you may need to refill your board as people graze - keep extra desserts on hand to fill it back up as needed.
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Category: Dessert
  • Cuisine: American

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